5 Things you didn’t know about Donald Trump

Donald Trump, US Republican front-runner has become well know for a number of things, The Apprentice TV show, His personal fortune, interest in politics and his running for US president.
Trump takes care not to leave any loose-ends, according to Forbes (though trump disputes this amount) the trump “brand” is worth an estimated $3 Billion USD, so he is naturally keen to protect it.
However we have been able to find some interesting facts about Trump you may not have known!




  1. Trump or should we say Drumpf? – The “Dumpf’s” change their name in 1889.
    Trump’s grandfather Friedrich and grandmother Elisabeth were Germans who had the surname ‘Drumpf’, and emigrated to the United states in 1885. It is thought at some point he started calling himself ‘Friedrich Trump’, however its not clear if he ever changed his name officially. Friedrich didn’t want to be know as “Drumpf” because of growing prejudice against Germans at the time, and of course increasing in world war 1.



2. Trump was sent to military school.

Trumps parents sent him to military school when he was 13 years old. He attended the New York military academy and while there, he was captain of his varsity baseball team.



3.Trump is a silver spooner – but he did increase his inheritance 

Its possible to trace Trumps fortune back to Former Penniless immigrant Fred, Donald Trumps grandfather, who left $542,000 USD to Donald’s grandmother when he died at the age of 49.
Donalds grandmother went into business with Donald’s father, Fred Jr, who was 15 at the time, and increased the inheritance to $300 million by the time Donalds father died.
Donald Trump, having learned about the family business then took over the running of Trump Enterprise. Donald has increased the family fortune to, what he claims is £10 billion USD (Forbes however puts this figure closer to £4.5 billion) Either way, Donald trump has done exceedingly well!


4.Trump eats lunch at his desk.


You’d think with all that cash, he’d be dining at an exclusive restaurant but no… Workaholic Trump doesn’t have time for lunch dates.
He loves Hamburgers and meat loaf, but doesn’t drink tea, coffee or alcohol.
In an interview with Us Weekly, he said he does eat pizza, but only the toppings, throwing the pizza base away – Now that’s extravagant Don!

5 – Trump takes home $250 million in salary each year.


Made up of salary and royalties since the debut of his reality hit show “The Apprentice” in 2003.

6. Just for kicks!


“Time Magazine” once reported that Don enjoyed a good read whilst at college… A read through the federal foreclosure listings… just for fun!


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