Acts of pure kindness

Most of us want to be nice people, but what do we actually do to go out of our way to be nice?
Checkout the pictures below, we hope these heart warming pictures inspire you to help others, and be the nice person you are!

Pictures are in no order!

1 – Amerpreet Singh Khalsa

 Amerpreet dishes out FREE curry to hundreds of homeless people on the streets of Cardiff city, UK, each weekend.




2 – Elderly couple help stranger with his tie in Atlanta.

The woman in the red coat noticed the young man was struggling to fix his tie and asked ‘Do you know how to tie it properly?’ The young guy said ‘No ma’am,’”. “She taps her husband and says, come to this side and teach this young man how to tie his tie.’ – What a gent!



3 – Bus driver who stopped to help a freezing homeless man.

A humble Belfast bus driver, Paul Doyle, stopped his bus to give a winter coat and food to the homeless man he saw shivering in the rain.


4 – Delicious chicken & rice lunch – but it wasn’t mine to eat…


5 – When children think about their mistake..


6 – Mcdonalds hero dropped everything to help disabled guy.

It was rush hour at McDonalds, in Chicago when cashier Kenny Soriano-Garcia saw a disabled man struggling to eat his food.
Kenny turned off his cash register and dropped everything to help the man eat.


7 – Chance encounter in bar changes man life.

It took a small act of kindness for bar manager Louie Cooper to turn the life of homeless man “Omar” around.
Omar walked into Louie’s bar and explained how he was attacked and lost his take-away business because it had gone bust.
He asked Louie for a job, unfortantly Louie was not in a position to help – however, Louie took Omar to a charity shop and brought him
a £50 GBP ($70 usd) suit so he could get a job.
Days later Omar returned and told Louie he had a job, and he was getting his life back on track. Omar thanked Louie for
the suit and said it was the main reason the job was given to him.







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