Celebrity Gold Diggers

You often see rich single men with attractive women, they seem to find it easier than us mere mortals. Sometimes its hard to believe, your pass a guy in the street and ask yourself “how did that guy pull such a hottie” or “why is she with him”, but rest assured, most of the time it isn’t down to him having anything more than you… apart from money.

Sometimes its painfully obvious when a woman, or a man is with someone just for the cash, so lets take a look at the best examples.

1 – Anna Nicole Smith & Husband (worth $1 billion US)


Maybe Anna Nicole had a history for preying on rich, old men. She married her second husband, wealthy business man J. Howard Marshall 14 months before he died. He was 89. Anna Nicole reportedly never lived with him, never made love with him, or kissed him on the mouth more than ten times. Anna Nicole was involved in a long court battle against the family of Howard Marshall to get her share of the estate.



2 – Crystal Harris / Crystal Hefner (Married Playboy’s Hugh Hefner)


We all know Hugh Hefner has a number of “playmates” he likes to “Entertain”, but this one seemed to have attached his attention in a different way.  Playmate, Crystal Harris married 86 year old Hefner and agreed to an iron clad prenuptial agreement, however, it is also understood that Crystal Harris will be taken care of and will never need to worry about money again. She lives in the playboy mansion and will walk away with millions on Hugh Hefners death, or divorce.


3 – Courtney Stodden (


In 2011 Courtney Stodden was just 16 when she married 50 year old! actor Doug Hutchison. Courtney was married for just two and a half years before she divorced Doug Hutchison. Though not public, the divorce settlement is thought to be substantial.


4 – Cathy Schmitz (married billionaire Richard Lugner )


Austrian Playboy model, Cathy Schmitz married construction billionaire Richard Lugner in 2014.
Onlookers are sceptical she married the 82 year old billionaire for love. Luckily for her husband
he is quoted to say “I am still worried she is more interested in my bank account that me”.


5 – Heather Mills (Sir Paul McCartney)


Heather Mills married former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney in 2002 and divorced in 2008. During the divorce
settlement, Mills asked for £125 Million (about 178 Million USD) but McCartney offered £15.8 Million ($22.4 Million USD). Before the court case, Mills employed an accountancy firm to examine McCartney’s publishing company, business assets and properties. She also said she had a tape recording of McCartney admitting his true worth – though the Judge dismissed this. Mills ended the ugly divorce proceedings with a total of £24.3 million, plus payments of £35,000 per annum.


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