Could These Pictures Show An Ancient burial Site On Mars?

NASA’s Mars Rover has just beamed back a set of images, which shows an apparent sarcophagus on the surface of Mars and has believers in extraterrestrial life saying this could be the evidence that proves life did or does exist on Mars.

We’ve all seen them, many images have been sent back to Earth showing us different looking objects, but NASA claim they are just optical illusion,


Take a look at the images which are causing a sir on the internet. Are they just another very convincing optical illusion, or are they the real deal?


One of the pictures caught the eye of people hunting for Alien life.


Image source

We want to believe life is out there. But are we seeing things that are not there? One thing is for sure, NASA need to get a better quality camera on the Rover to put this speculation to rest.


Image source


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