Could This Be The Biggest Barn Find Ever!

This is definitely the biggest barn find ever! ok, to call a massive hangar a barn isn’t exactly accurate, but given the dilapidated state of this old space facility in Russia, it might as well be one. We’ve never seen a sight like this before – It’s like something out of a Post apocalyptic movie.
The thing is… there isn’t just one incredible shuttle left to rot in this hanger – there are two!



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I can’t think of any vehicle quite as cool as a space ship! What kid doesn’t dream of being an astronaut? The space shuttles in the pictures look similar to the American space shuttles, that’s because they have similar dimensions and basic design. After the sof the Apollo missions, NASA, with the encouragement of President Nixon, set the goal of building a space station. Even though the station wasn’t a collaboration at this point, Russia decided to start building a shuttle of their own, called the ‘Buran’.


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A Buran (Orbiter K1) did complete an unmanned orbital. Construction on three more Buran was also started, so as to stay ahead of the America. As things go in Russia, political instability lead to the Buran program being put on-hold. Rather than officially terminate the project, it was just left in limbo and the shuttles were left in their hangar to rot. The one shuttle to actually fly was put in Site 112, which eventually suffered from a roof collapse


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Ever wondered what it looks like when the roof of a 10+ story building falls in on a space shuttle and its booster rocket! Not only did this ship have significant historical value, but this was the building that Russia built their N1 Moon Rocket. It all seems like such a waste of effort, money and history im surprised the shuttles didn’t go to a museum, or why parts we’re not recycled. Instead it’s just left – making this a great barn find! 😉


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