Don’t Mess With McDonald’s Staff – Unless You Want A McPunch!

These videos will tarnish the opinion you may have that shop workers wont fight back if you provoke them, or that McDonalds staff in particular are as squeaky clean as the brand would like you to believe. It’s hard to workout from some videos who was in the right and who was in the wrong, but either way, the’re a good laugh.

Warning: some videos contain strong language and graphic content .

This Michigan McDonald’s worker knocked out a drunk customer with one punch.
According to the witnesses, the guy who was knocked out had
spat and abused McDonald’s staff.  
It was a McDonald’s kitchen worker who gave
the idiot a Filet-O-Fist.

An argument breaks out between two women and a McDonald’s worker. The women, who dont look parricularly civilised up over the counter to have it out with the McDonalds worker. They just didn’t expect the worker to come at them with a metal stick and beat the Mccrepe out of them.

The person who filmed this didn’t expect to see McDonalds staff taking chunks out of each other in the car-park.

After the customer jumps over the counter, he realises he made a bad move. He get McPummelled by two McDonald employees. It doesn’t take him long to walk off in shame.

It kicks off at Oklahoma City McDonald’s when a customer complains to a manager and gets a punch in the head. 


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