Fancy A Bite? This Leopard Can’t Resist Free Python Meal Ticket.

Never has a leopard been caught on film pulling a Python out of a tree to feast on it.
The south African leopard clearly had a taste for python, and when it saw a python up a tree, it didn’t even hesitate. 

The photographer who took these amazing images said, ‘Initially i did know there was a dead Python in the tree, I was just filming the leopard. I noticed the leopard suddenly ran to the tree and started to pull a giant snake down. The python was snagged in the tree, so it took the leopard some effort, but he got his prize in the end.’



The leopard’s luck is in! It notices the Python up the tree and works out the best way to get it down.


Getting the Python out of the tree proves a more difficult task…


The leopard jump the tree may times, pulling and tugging. 

At one point, it seemed like all the leopards work might have been in vain when the massive snake got stuck in the tree.


Finally, the leopard gets his prize, and eats the python.


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