No-One Noticed He Didn’t Show Up To Work… For 6 Years.

Joaquin Garcia should have been busy supervising the construction of a water treatment plant, but when his employer tried to give him a long service award, they realised he had not been to work for 6 YEARS!

We know the Spanish are laid back, which isn’t a bad thing… and we know there are some types of job where you can blend into the background and go unnoticed before someone else in the company speaks to you, but man, this is extreme.

Asleep on the job – no-one was bothered to check on Joaquin.


Joaquin Garcia, who is 69, hatched his plan when there was a mix up between his bosses at the water company and the local authorities. Each organisation thought the other was managing him.

Upon the discovery, Joaquin was fined, but we don’t think he is too worried, as he was fined €27,000 (£21,000), even though earns €37,000 (£28,000) annually before tax. Maybe the civil service was just too embarrassed to argue over it and wanted the problem to go away.

Joaquin Garcia had the last laugh.





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