Home made submarines used by Columbia drug smugglers.

The Columbian drugs smugglers are getting desperate to find more ways to ship large quantities of drugs to other countries. On way which international armed forces are seeing more often is for the drug runners to use home made submarines. Some of these submarines are very sophisticated, and a few times ex soviet submarines have been captured by the Columbian army.

  1. 3 men escaped from this home made fiberglass submarine when the coast guard caught up with them.After the men escaped they opened the hatches and sank the submarine. The evidence was washed away, and the men were released without charge.

home made submarine 1

Source: dailymail.com

Armed forces have increased efforts to stop planes and boats used to traffic drugs from Columbia. The traffickers have now turned their attention to underwater submarines.

2. This submarine hardly leaves any wake, makes no noise and is hard for patrols to see. 

submarine homemade 2

Source: dailymail.com

3. A speedboat conversion taking place. These submarines come with the option of one or two propellers, can travel up to 12 Knots, carry a crew of 5 and a shipment of 10 tonnes of drugs.

submarine conversion



Source: dailymail.com

4.Dont let the shape fool you. These subs do a job, and have done without getting detected…
Most of the time.

colombian submarine

image source bbc.co.uk

 5. Authorities discovered a drug sub under construction – it has a 345hp engine, 1,700 gallon fuel tank, compressed air tanks, night vision, sat nav system. Whoever was building this was building it as a big investment.

submarine homemade

6. This 100 foot fully ocean going submersible, was found on the Colombia- Ecuador border – complete with periscope and air-conditioning system. 

submarine in jungle homemade


8 tonnes of contraband was seized on this sub.

sub 77


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