Japanese Train Runs For Just One Lone Passenger

Japan Railways is running an entire stretch of a railway, which was supposed to shut down in operation 3 years ago, for one school girl who lives in a rural location. 

Japan railways have really gone the extra mile by not stopping this service so Kana Harada, a 17 year old high student, can get to her lessons.

Kana Harada  lives in the remote village of Shirataki, where two trains pass each day, one to take her to school and one to take her back. Japan railways said they will close the train station once Kana has graduated in March 2016.

“I’ve got on and off this train for the last three years… I do feel sad to think it will disappear”, Kana told reporters.


The 7.04 is the first train of the day. Kana patiently waits.


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Kyu- shirataki station has built in 1955 by local residents to get their kids in school. But sadly, it will cease its operation soon enough.


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