11 Famous Celebrities Who Got Busted For Stealing

01For some Hollywood personalities, fame and fortune just isn’t enough. These celebrities might have everything they want in life, but there is a wild streak in some that drives them to take impulsive risks stealing. Why do they steal? Who knows what goes on in their mind, they are so far removed, maybe they do it just for the buzz of doing something which is out of their conventional.
Anyway, lets begin the ‘name a shame’ – I warn you now, you’ll be shocked at how small some of these items are, which were stolen, but in a way, it makes it even more crazier. If you’re going to shoplift, at least shoplift something of value. I guess underlying each shoplifting celeb is the rational that if they do get caught, it’s such a low ticket item, the concuquence wont be too high. Lets get on with it….


She’s an iconic actress and one of the top earners during the 90s. Winona Ryder stunned her fans when she got nabbed for shoplifting. The actress had stolen accessories and designer clothes worth $5,000 from Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, California. She was then convicted of grand theft and vandalism and placed on three years probation.

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