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Loans Or Credit Cards? Not For The Rich Kids Of Instagram

When we want something, we either save for it, or we may get a loan or put it on a credit card. Either way, you know the value of it. For some however, there is no need to save money, get a loan or put it on a credit card, These are the very privileged ‘kids’ of Instagram; Rich People in their teens to mid twenties who flaunt their riches online.


Champagne – Rich kids like to be seen drinking it like its tap water. Doesn’t matter if its morning, lunch, Dinner, or a night cap, champagne is the drink of choice and they want you to know it.




Looking at photos of wealthy kids on instagram, lavishing huge amounts of money on various items is very popular on social media, with keywords and accounts often trending. So what do they spend the money they did not earn on?

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