Over 100 Classic Cars Found In Welsh Mine.

After four hours wandering dangerous caves a group of urban explorers stumbled upon one of the last things they expected to see 65ft in an old cave. The group found grave yard… of Classic cars.

Thought to be over 100 classic cars, the discovery was made in a slate mine in Ceredigion, Wales, UK,  which had opened in 1836  till 1960s.

A member of the group which made the discovery, IT Engineer Gregory Rivolet, 31, said ‘ We descended 65ft down a rope. The slate walls were very unstable. We could have died in there. But the discovery was amazing, a mountain of old cars’.

The huge cave is in Ceredigion, Mid Wales


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Gregory Rivolet was among the team who made the discovery.


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It’s unclear how the cars found got into the mine in the first place, Gregory Rivolet has a theory about the cars ‘ The road is pretty dangerous in this area, especially when wet, I think the cars may have crashed, either on the surface and the cost of recovery was too high, or the cars somehow ran off the road and landed down the mine. It’ll be interesting to find out what really happened. ‘





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