Prankster Jack Jones Get’s Merked By Rival Disco Boy And Starts Crying.

His trademark saying is “Mate it’s a joke…it’s joke”, just before getting punched in the face by people he plays pranks on, but poor Jack Jones couldn’t take a dose of his own medicine when rival ‘Disco Boy’, Lee Marshall, decided to play a prank on him by slapping pizza in his face…he didn’t like it one bit.


Jack Jones makes a living from being a YouTube prankster.



Interested in seeing Jack in action? Checkout the video below, go straight to 3:16 to see the best part.


For those of you who don’t know, and to give some background… Jack is the kind of guy, that If you were on the short end of one of his pranks there is a 76 percent chance you’d punch him, even if you were passive.  Jack is not a stranger to getting himself in a spot of bother, he has had a gun waved in his face and punched around five thousand times, which many people would say he deserves.

A few nights ago, Jack splashed on the old spice and was about to hit the town for a night out with the boys, when he unexpectedly got a massive slice of pizza slapped in his face by Disco Boy. Jack wasn’t please someone was having a laugh at his own expense,  so thought this serious incident demanded police time and called for support. Fortunately for Jack, the police took pity on him and said he can sit in their squad car, where he decided to have a cry!

Disco Boy – “No love lost between Jack and I”



Disco Boy once worked with Jack as his camera man, but now rocks alone, pulling moves around London in his boxers. lol


Here is the Pizza incident, where Jack decided to waste Police time and have a good cry.


All said, Jack has around 3.2 million Facebook followers (we hear you can buy a million for £100 now) and 92,000 twitter followers (mainly bots), so Disco Boy was expecting some backlash when he put the video of the pizza slap on YouTube, but it was the total opposite, Disco Boy said. “Within an hr it had gone Viral, people where slating jack for being a cry baby, and calling the police. The most common word used to Jack on his Facebook account at the time was C*nt!”



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