It Was A 24 Carrot Gold Find For This Lady

Lena Paahlsson, from Sweden, lost all hope in finding a wedding ring which she lost 16 years ago.

16 years prior Lena took the ring off to do some Christmas baking, but it disappeared from the kitchen work
Like anyone Lena was in a panic looking high and low for the ring. ‘We we’re all looking for it’ says Lena’s daughter.
Lena never found the ring until 16 years later.
‘I was in my garden, where we grow vegetables, I was pulling up some carrots and I saw something shiny encased in mud. I cleaned it, and
to my amazement, there was my wedding ring! I couldn’t believe it, I was shocked. How did it get there, from my kitchen worktop, to
being around a carrot?’ Lena told us.

I had to rack my brain but think I know how it got there. I think the ring feel into the sink when i was peeling some vegetables.
I put the vegetables on the compost heap, like i always do, and it must have been in there… But for a carrot to grow through it… wow..

Now that I have discovered the ring, I wont be taking it off.  Me finding this ring is a good oman.



Lena’s garden is nearly 2 acres in size, so the chance of her finding the ring is like winning the lottery


Lena said her husband was especially pleased as he was about to buy a replacement ring for their upcoming wedding anniversary 






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