Strange Bets Won & Lost

It’s possible to place a bet on anything, so lets take a look at some of the weirdest and strangest bets placed.

Two Men bet house, wife and car on football game.

manchester vs arsenal

The mad Ugandan Arsenal fan, Henry Dhabasani placed a bet with equally mad Manchester United fan
Rashid Yiga. Rashid had only slightly more sense than Henry, and didn’t bet his wife, but did bet his house and new
Toyota car on a Manchester win. The bet was put in writing and witnessed by tribal elders in Uganda.
The football match was won by Manchester united 1-0.

Henry, the loser, fainted on the final whistle, he was evicted from his house the following day, the
same day his wife found out about the bet… and her new husband!


2 Man WINS bet and gets breast implants – (yes, we said “WINS”)


Image source: pinterest

 Canadian, Brian Zembeck is a keen poker player and back in 1996 was challenged to a bet that didn’t take him long
to agree.  The bet? He’ll get $100,000 USD if he agreed to have a boob job and $4,500 for the surgery itself.

19 years on, Brian still has the implants and makes over $10,000 per year to keep them.
“I love em’ my wife wasnt keen at all, but has grown to like them. As I get older my implants are heading south, I may need to make another bet to get them done again” Brian said.

$5 USD bet cost man his life.

bet went wrong

source: pinterest

Rapper John Powell AKA “Fatboy”, was naturally a confident guy. At a house party performance in 2010 Fatboy placed a bet for the massive sum of $5USD that he could take a punch, in the face, from any girl at the party.
Tiffany Startz stepped forward and punched Fatboy in the face. Fatboy jumped back, and said “Wow” Startz said. Fatboy collapsed on the floor and was rushed to hospital where they tried to treat him for a burst artery in his neck and brain injury caused by force trauma. He died later as a result of the injurys.

Tiffany stood trial for the death, but was acquitted of all charges.


Poker star bets vegan $10,000 USD to eat hamburger.

hamburger bet

Let’s admit it, to be Vegan, you have to be dedicated. But what principles do you live by when you are offered $10,000 USD to eat a hamburger?
That was the question that faced Howard Lederer, poker player, gambler and vegan. Howard Lederer said it was a good bet, I knew I could win for $10,000. Its $10,000! its not a small amount of money, i wan’t always vegan. I ate that fat juicy burger. I won.
David Grey was Offered an opportunity to win the $10,000 back, by eating a few olives, which Howard knew he didn’t like… David Grey didn’t even try to eat the olives and let the $10,000 slip away.

This bet is nuts, who is right and who is wrong?


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