Teenage Girl In Germany Finds Gold Bar In Lake… And Gets To Keep It!

A lucky 16-year-old German girl,  found a 500g (1lb) gold bar whilst swimming in Koenigssee lake, Bavaria. The discovery was made by pure chance, the girl saw something glimmering in the water, so she dived under to a depth of about 2m (6.5ft) when she pulled up the gold bar.

The teenage girl, who remains anonymous, quickly surrendered the gold to the police in Berchtesgaden, Germany, upon discovery.

The authorities began a search for it’s rightful owner, though this proved difficult as the owners mark and other identifying marks had been filed off. Six months had pasted and no owner could be found, according to news reports. On Thursday 4th February 2016, they announced that the girl can keep the bar, which at 17.6 ounces is worth around $20,000.

A police photo of the actual gold bar discovered.


Its thought that the gold is part of a lost Nazi shipment from World War 2.

Koenigssee lake, Bavaria is popular with hikers and sightseers.


Lots of gold was stolen and moved around Germany during World War 2. Lots of gold still remains missing, there are stories of trains, caves and lost submarines full of gold on the the internet. The lake where the gold was discovered is near to Hitlers summer home.

Mystery and unanswered questions surround the gold find. Who put the gold there? Was it put there during the war? Was it stolen during the war and hid for collection later. Did someone else find the gold recently and hid it to dispose of it at a later date?  What’s the background to the gold and more importantly… is there more in the lake. We’re sure divers are looking right now!


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