Terms of Use

1. Scope

These terms of use set forth legally binding terms and conditions governing your use of the website, Dailygosh.com.

2. Definitions

a) The ‘site’/’service’/’us’/’our’ refers to Dailygosh.com.
b) ‘Content’ is any comment, imagery, text submitted or uploaded to the site.
c) ‘User’ is any person who accesses or interacts with the site.

3. Using Our Site

By accessing our website you confirm that:
a) You are over eighteen years of age
b) You agree to be bound by these terms as well as our privacy policy
c) Viewing adult content is not illegal in your jurisdiction

4. Access To The Site

Access to the site is provided on a temporary basis and may be revoked at any point without notice.

5. Intellectual Property

You acknowledge that Dailygosh.com retains all intellectual property rights in relation to its name, logo, brand features and domain name. You may not use them without written permission from the service.

6. User Content

By submitting user content to the service, with the intention that it be used by the service, you do hereby:
a) confirm that you are the owner or authorised licensee of the user content
b) grant the service permission to publish or otherwise make public the user content
c) grant the service a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, perpetual license to use, edit, modify, display and distribute the user content.
d) indemnify the service for any damage or injury resulting from the use of the content

7. Viruses/Malware/Hacking

We take all reasonably efforts to ensure that content posted on the site is safe and does not contain malware or other virus, however you acknowledge that you site content data viewed and downloaded is done so at your own risk.

8. Jurisdiction And Applicable Law

These terms shall be governed by English law, however we retain the right to bring proceedings in the user’s jurisdiction.

9. General Terms

a) This agreement may not be assigned by the user, but may be assigned by us without restriction.
b) These terms will remain the entirety of the agreement governing your use of the service. Should any individual term be struck out, the rest of the agreement will stay remaining binding.
c) Any failure by the service to assert any specific term will not constitute a waiver of the entire agreement.

10. Contact Us

You may contact us via the Contact Us link at the bottom of the site.

11. Privacy Policy

See the Privacy policy here.