The man who see’s using his tongue!

When we hear the word ‘echolocation’ , we think of dolphins maybe, who use a series of clicks to produce sound waves, which are reflected by nearby objects, accurately identifying their location and size.

If we were to say there are humans who can do the same, you may not believe us… but we’ll be telling the truth!

Since the 1950s human echolocation has been known about and studied, but its only recently come to the public domain, there are currently only a handful of people who have this ability that we know about.

Daniel Kish had both is eyes removed at the age of 13 months, due to having retinal cancer. He learnt to make a special type of click in his mouth when he was young, called a ‘Palatal click’ and developed this technique over the years, which enables Daniel to see shapes and textures.

You wouldn’t even know Daniel has no eyes if you saw him riding a bike in rush hour traffic.



Daniel said the imagery he sees is very rich. He can see beauty or starkness.
He is able to distinguish textures, a metal fence from a wooden fence.



Echolocation has allowed Kish to pursue outdoor hobbies; such as hiking and bike riding, despite being totally blind.



Daniel Kish now runs a charity to help pass on this technique of echolocation, which he says can be learnt.
In the last few years he has give a form of sight back to atleast 500 children around the world.




It does make you wonder. Is this a skill that we all have, that somehow we lost, or forgot about during evolution.
If Darwinism is to believed, we all came from the sea, so we’re we using this then?



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