10 things lottery winners wont tell you.



1. Easy Come, Easy Go…

It’s a fact. 70% of lottery winners lose or spend all their winnings in less than 5 years. Yep, thats it, they spend the cash on oversized property, parties, fast cars and women. Sound good actually. only a small percentage of lottery winners have actually been able to grow their winnings. Most don’t know how to handle the money in the first place, so blow the load.


2. Nearly all lottery winners continue to play.

This one isn’t much of a surprise, as if you won the lottery, you’d diffidently be feeling like your luck is in. Most people would continue, but
we are yet to hear of someone who won the lottery twice!


3. Everyone will want a handout

You can’t escape it. People will want some of your winnings. They wont think it is fair that you have won “free” money, and they have not.
They will think you have it to spare, regardless of the size of win. People you didnt even know will contact you. Strangers will ask for money, you’ll get begging letters.
You’ll lose friends and family over money… But you still want it don’t you!


4.Self-made millionaires will still look down on you.

It doesn’t matter how much you win, you never made it for your self, and there will always be a certain group that will look down on you.
If this happens, and you own more money than them, you should buy their business, or the company they work for just to fire them.


5.You’ll instantly seem more attractive to the opposite sex.

If it’s true good to be true… it probably isn’t. BUT… you should make the most of it. As long as you know the person hot man / woman giving you this attention is a gold digger.
Its the facts of life, you have something (money) she wants, and she has something (her body) you want. use her / him, as much as they will use you.



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