Scientists stunned by 1 million volt man

Warning: Do not play with electricity.
There are some amazing people out there. Some may say they are super human. Serbian, Slavisa Pajkic is one of those people.

When Slavisa Pajkic was working as a teenager, he accidentally touched a wet electric fence, that amount of current would have hurt or even killed a normal person, but Slavisa didn’t feel athing. His work colleges could not believe it, and he got the nickname “Battery man”.

Slavisa Pajkic battery man


‘Whenever there was a power failure at home, but my parents didn’t need to be concerned because I could power the entire house myself. I can store electricity.’ Salvisa said.


Slavisa Pajkic electric


Slavisa Pajkic is keen to prove himself to anyone who will listen, he currently holds two world records

The first record was obtained in 1983: Slavisa had 20,000 volts of electricity passed through him without sustaining any injuries.

The second world record was obtained in 2003: He conducted electricity long enough to heat a cup of water to 97 degrees Celsius, which took 1 minute and 37 seconds.



Slavisa lights cotton wall soaked in petrol from a spark produced from his head.

battery man


Slavisa is now trying to set a third world record. This time he will be charging up on one million-volts and shooting a laser from his fingers.
Slavisa added: ‘I will become a wireless super laser man.’


So how does Slavisa’s body withstand so much current?
A group of scientist believe that Slavisa has a genetic disorder. This disorder means he doesn’t
have any sweat glands, electricity passes his outer skin that acts as an insulator. The theory is unproven though.

However he does it – it’s impressive!




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